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What is the Systemedx Advantage?
One-Click navigable capabilities within Systemedx Clinical Navigator empowers users with a tabbed based interface that promotes more time spent directly with a patient than behind a screen entering data.
Integrated System
Clinical Navigator provides Ambulatory Practices with an all-in-one solution for their EHR and Practice Management needs. Providers can send coders exactly what to enter for their patients' charges directly from within the same program.
Clinical Navigator is programmed with flexibility in mind. From custom workflows, including the customization of forms and documents, to customizable configurations, for multiple office visits and billing options, our system is adaptable for your practice based solely on the workflows that work best for you.
Reduce clicks and searching with proven workflows and custom templates to fit your provider's needs.
Feedback Oriented
Systemedx adds new features and makes systematic improvements based off of client feedback and suggestions.
Certified Product
Clinical Navigator is an ONC Certified product for use with the Medicare Quality Payment Program.
Why choose Systemedx?
Fully integrated system
Speed and efficiency
Friendly training, service and support
Certified EHR Technology
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