PM Solutions
PM Solutions
More than just a calendar, Systemedx provides an advanced scheduling system where you can set up your own schedule by appointment types and times to meet the way your practice works. In addition to this, your patients can request appointments via our online Patient Portal.
Electronic Registration
Tired of all of the upfront data entry? We allow your patients to submit their registration paperwork electronically so that it can be imported with just a few clicks.
Integrated Credit Card Processing
Systemedx has partnered with a credit card processor to allow you to run credit card transactions from within the software. No more going out to a website to process the card manually, or opening a different software just to communicate with your card reader.
Patient Tracking
Never lose track of an in-office patient while using our centralized patient tracker utility. One screen monitors room times, orders, visit documentation, etc.
Reports and Dashboards
Systemedx offers multiple reports and dashboards to help you take control of your practice. With just a few clicks, you can easily see where your volume and A/R stand.
Eligibility Checking
Systemedx has direct interfaces that allow you to check insurance eligibility at the click of a button. We also have the ability to scan your schedule in advance and flag ineligible patients as well. **Restrictions apply
Electronic Statements and Letters
Systemedx allows you to send statements and letters electronically through an interfaced clearinghouse, minimizing the effort and time to do this.
Claim Tracking
Systemedx provides a very simple electronic claim batch generation process. Combine this with our easy to use, built-in worksheets to track and monitor claim submissions and rejections, your time spent on this can be minimized.
Fast Remit Posting
Systemedx has the ability to post directly from the electronic remittances that we receive back from the insurance company. This means no more printing and hand-keying all of those multiple page remittances.
Our Vision
Systemedx values the importance of combining both the practice management system and the EHR system into one seamlessly integrated system. This allows for maximum efficiency inside your practice, by making it easy for the medical staff to directly communicate with the administration, front desk and billing staffs.
Helping You
An integrated system reduces the confusion and speeds up the workflow process inside your practice. You can stay on top of your scheduling, patient tracking, and billing without changing software or logging into multiple pages. Our job is not to sell you software. Our job is to help you manage your practice.
Our Goal
Our goal is to help you become the most efficient practice that you can be. Systemedx uses our experience to come up with best practice workflows that we can help you implement. By working directly with you, we will do our best to increase your productivity throughout your practice.