Data Export

EHR data export documentation:

The data export module is accessed via a job stream called "CDAEXPORT" and will show on the right as "Data Export". In the module there are 3 main options for export: All Patients, Select Patients, and Single Patient.

Selecting the "All Patients" tab prompts the user to select a directory for the exported files to be saved to, a date range for the data to be exported for each patient, and checkboxes to include chart documents and a human readable copy of the CDA.

Selecting the "Select Patients" tab will allow the same options but allow to select a subset of patients either manually or by appointment date range.

Selecting "Single Patient" will allow the same options as the "Select Patients" tab but only allow for a single patient export.

The exported data and data formats are listed below:

  •   • Patient demographics and distinct chart data (medications, problems, etc.) are exported as CDA XML files
  •   • CDA files are also exported as human-readable HTML files named "CDA.html"
  •   • Patient chart documents are exported as PDF documents and stored in a main "Documents" folder with each document type separated into their own folder
  •   • CDA files and other documents and images are placed into folders named in the order listed below with data separated with and underscore ("_") character
    •     - Last Name
    •     - First Name
    •     - DOB
    •     - PatientID